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Welcome! Thank you for coming to our AVM website, together we can make a change, build awareness, support and raise funds for much needed research into the understanding of facial, extremity and brain AVMs. Due to the rarity of this illness and lack of research funding, the advancements required to enable doctors and surgeons to increase the success rate of treatments has been slow. The Butterfly AVM Charity is the first organization that deals specifically with AVMs and our goal is that one day a cure and far more successful treatments will be found and that no person will have to suffer or see their son, daughter, husband, wife, or any other person live a life of uncertainty. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Glover, Dr Robertson, Dr Barnacle, Dr Hargrave, Dr Kinsler & Mr Dunaway at Great Ormond Street Hospital for their constant support, medical expertise and knowledge, which is second to none.

Thank you,

George Christou
Director, The Butterfly AVM Charity &
Parent of Nikki Christou