So you’ve decided you want to help raise some money, but you’re a bit stuck for ideas. Well, have no fear – we’ve put together a list of top ten fundraising schemes to help get the ball rolling.

  1. Hair today, gone tomorrow
    Who needs hair anyway?! If you’re a lady that’s feeling daring, why not raise some money by shaving off your luscious locks? Or perhaps you’re a bloke with a high pain threshold; how about a charity leg wax? Both are valiant undertakings, only for the brave.
  2. Fancy Dress Fun Run
    Fancy dress is always fun, and is great for catching attention. Hire a costume, put on your running shoes and head somewhere busy. You can ask for sponsorship money from friends in advance and from strangers while you run.
  3. Teddy Bear’s Picnic
    If you go down to the woods today, you could help us raise a tidy little sum! A charity teddy bear’s picnic is a great way of getting everyone together for a good cause. Ask invitees to pay a small amount for food and drinks, and pass on the profits to us.
  4. Cycle from London to Paris
    What better way to spend a few Autumn days, but with the wind in your hair and London fading into the distance behind you, en route to fair Paris? There are many companies that will charge you for the privilege, but with a bit of research you can plan your own route and do it at your own pace. This way, all your sponsorship money will go straight to helping our charity.
  5. Three Peaks Challenge
    If you’re up for an exciting, fast-paced, Bond-style adventure that takes you the length and breadth of the British Isles, look no further than the Three Peaks Challenge. You’ll have to navigate your way over three mountains – all in under 24 hours. If you’re up for this peaky challenge visit www.thethreepeakschallenge.co.uk for information, maps and top tips.
  6. Walk Hadrian’s Wall
    This great wonder of the world is 84 miles long, spanning nearly 2,000 years of history, dramatic and wild landscapes, towns and cities. With campsites along the way, this is a great option for fundraising (as well as a good way to get fit). Organise a group walk, or spend some quality ‘you-time’ in the great outdoors.
  7. Fancy-dress Friday
    Ask workers to swap their usual Friday attire for something a bit different. Whether it’s a ‘wear your jeans to work’ day, ‘dress down Friday’, or even ‘fancy-dress Friday’, we’re sure your colleagues would be happy to donate cash in exchange for some Friday fun.
  8. Give something up for a month
    Are you known as bit of a chocolate fiend? Do you watch your favourite soap religiously? Maybe you can’t go a day without your latte. Or perhaps you simply talk too much! Giving something up for a month is a great way to raise cash. You can ask for sponsorship money, or donate the money you’d normally spend on a more expensive habit to us.
  9. Make something and sell it
    Whether you are crazy about crochet, mad about card-making or have a penchant for painting, your crafty ability could help raise a bundle for our wonderful cause. Use eBay to sell your stock, or book a stall at a jumble sale or Christmas fair.
  10. Jumble Sale/Cake Sale/Book Sale
    Speaking of jumbles and fairs, our final fundraising idea is to hold a simple book, cake or old clothing sale. (They do say the simplest ideas are the best ones!) This could also be a great opportunity to let people know about our charity. Add some information leaflets to your table, and you’ll be letting your customers know that their money will be going towards an amazing cause.

So there’s our top 10 ideas. But if you can do better, let us know! The weirder, wackier, stranger or cleverer your idea, the more money you’re likely to raise!

Just remember to take lots of pictures on the day, so we can show off your hard work on our website.

Happy fundraising, you wonderful bunch!!

The Butterfly Team

If you would like to feature in this section please email George@butterflyavmcharity.org.uk


Tyser girl's Northumberland Coastal Marathon

In February, Annabel and Emilia took part in the Northumberland Coastal Marathon.

“Although I originally signed up purely ‘for fun’, I have decided it would be a wasted opportunity if I weren’t to raise money for a special charity. With this to motivate her, Annabel immediately signed up too. The charity we would like to try and raise some funds for is ‘The Butterfly AVM Charity limited.”


Table Mountain AVM Fundraiser Story

Tom raised £1100 for The Butterfly AVM Charity read his story by clicking the link below:


Adamou's run the NYC Marathon 2019 for The Butterfly AVM Charity

TCS New York City Marathon on 3rd November 2019 for The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited because we wholeheartedly support Nikki & the AVM charity!


Antony's Mud Monster Ninja Kids Run

I’m Taking part in a muddy assault course! for The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited because I want to help raise money for my cousin Nikki.


Butterfly AVM Rough Runner 2019

As has become customary around this time of year, my friends and I are preparing for another charity challenge in order to raise crucial funds for a cause close to all our hearts – The Butterfly AVM Charity.


Weʼve raised £6,045 to help the Butterfly AVM Charity by doing a sponsored skydive on 31st August 2019

Not long ago I attended a charity event for Nikki Lilly’s AVM Butterfly Charity and after watching CBBC’s “Nikki Lilly: My Life – I will survive”, I was blown away even more by Nikki’s amazing strength and positive attitude towards life even when going through the toughest of times in hospital.


Andreas's The Fan Dance - Pen Y Fan 15 mile fell run page

This years event is dedicated to Nikki – a true fighter! The Butterfly AVM Charity is doing some wonderful work to try and find a cure.

This year I am running the Fan again. It’s a fell run up and down (twice) the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons, Wales. Covering 15 miles of terrain which requires concentration for up to 5 hours due to the risk of turning an ankle or worse.


Laura's Snowdon challenge

Myself and some great friends are climbing snowdon for The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited because We want to raise funds to help the research of AVM


Sotiris & Marcos Logicom Cyprus Half Marathon page

Sotiris and Marcos want to make a difference for The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited because We have been inspired by Nikki’s amazing bravery


Luke's page (London to Brighton 2019)

I’m cycling from London to Brighton to raise money for The Butterfly AVM Charity, who raise awareness and fund research for this rare condition.
I’ve been lucky enough over the past few years to know the Christou family, including the inspiring Nikki Lilly who is a positive voice for all AVM sufferers.
Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated in order to raise funds for a great cause x


Sav's Skydive for The Butterfly AVM Charity

On Sunday April 28th, I decided to do a sky dive to help raise donations for a wonderful charity called, “The Butterfly AVM Charity”.
The charity is particularly dear to me as it was founded by my Uncle George Christou after his daughter, my cousin Nikki Christou was diagnosed with a high flow craniofacial AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation).


Playing Through Adversity

A football match took place in which all the players have shown themselves to be true heroes when dealing with problems in their lives be it depression, Anxiety, a family tragedy or living and caring for a child with a chronic illness. I was honoured to be a part of this special day even though I did not play on the day due to health issues. You only know how strong you are when you reach rock bottom and there is nowhere else to go. Then the courage that has been hidden within you shines xx

The Match helped raise funds for the Butterfly AVM Charity and for two other amazingly incredible children, Valentino Erodotou, Mikey Poulli and their causes



10K London Run

We’re running 10K to raise money for The Butterfly AVM Charity Limited because Nikki Lilly is our hero x

To all the amazing runners and of course our brilliant supporters we are truly touched by your unwavering efforts and love for our Charity. Without your support the journey I began 8 years ago would simply not have been possible. The Butterfly AVM Charity. Our Charity your Charity has shone a beacon of hope to sufferers like me in the UK and around the world. This is because of you all.
We have started this journey together, and with your love we will finish it and our destination will be beautiful.
Thank you
Keep on smiling
Nikki xx ❤️