At the beginning of this year a group of us not so gifted athletes came off our sofas, put down our remote controls and signed up for the Vitality London 10,000 on 28th May.
Training to run 10K is a big challenge for me as I do zero exercise, but every day I continue to be motivated by my daughter Nikki who has no choice but to struggle through each day and still has achieved so much in such a short space of time. As she say’s “Time is precious, make your dreams a reality!”
Whilst training on those ice- cold November nights we built up such a strong bond and despite the aches and pains there were many memorable moments, the image of Andy running in his tight shorts and vest in the snow will stick with me forever!
It was an absolute pleasure to run with these guys, The Charity is truly touched by your dedication, faith in our cause and love.
Love you all
George “Mo Farrah” Christou x

The Butterfly AVM Charity Olympians — with Demi Apostolou, Tina Michael, Matthew Karatzas, Elena Josephides, Maria Apostolou, Andy Josephides, Costas Sophocleous, Sotiris Kyriacou, Tina Josephides, Eleni Elle Karatzas, Andria Yianni, George Apostolou, Mario Michael and Myri Procopiou, Tanya Christou

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